Weston Sewage Works

Today Poplar, Maple and Rowan classes went to Weston Sewage works as part of their topic ‘From Chew to Poo!’

Poplar class started the day by having a talk on the toilet. We were surprised by some of the things people have actually dropped/put down a toilet, for example toys. We also did an experiment to show why wipes of any kind should not be put down the toilet. In groups, the children were given a container of water. Most of the children then put a wet wipe in their container, while one or two children put toilet paper in their containers. The children then shook it for 30 seconds. When they opened them, they found the toilet paper had disintegrated into the water, whereas the wipe stayed whole.

Next, we were scientists. First of all we had to smell different containers and decide what was in the water e.g. mud, chlorine. We did not enjoy smelling the water which was from a puddle in a cows’ field! Then we were given a sample of water from a river in the countryside and a river in a town. Using chemicals, we tested the water to see how much oxygen was in each. We were surprised that the sample from the river in a town had more oxygen.

After lunch, we went on a tour of the poo factory. We saw the cycle it goes through once it arrives at the sewage works from our pipes, all the way to when it is clean enough to be let back into the sea! Although it did not smell very nice, it was very interesting!

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