In Literacy this term we will be focusing on our grammar and spelling skills through stand alone lessons alongside our main literacy areas of  letter writing and instructions followed by our Autumn 2 topic of writing of myths and legends, linked closely to our Roman topic. During our topic lessons we will also practice these skills through writing letters as Roman soldiers and diary entries.

We will continue to work hard on our cursive handwriting and presentation.

The children will have weekly spellings to reinforce spelling rules we are looking at in class, please practise these with your child whenever you have a spare 5 minutes as regular reinforcement will help them be learnt.

Most children will also be on the accelerated reading programme ‘AR’ and will be reading regularly at home and in school to try and meet their target by the end of term. All children need to read at least 3 times per week. Reading with an adult can really help with the understanding of what they are reading and hearing an adult model how to read is really useful for children at this age.


In numeracy this term we are going to be starting off with place value as well as reinforcing the 4  number rules of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. We will spend lots of time exploring numbers up 1000 to build the children’s confidence and recall.

Alongside our numeracy lessons we will have a weekly target lesson which focuses on small activities to help the children achieve their next required step, the children will be set across the two classes to ensure their individual needs are met as closely as possible.

As well as the children knowing their 2 ,5 &10 times tables we will start to move onto 3 ,4 & 8’s. Regular practice at home will enable your child to consolidate what they are learning in school.


For some good websites for practising these valuable skills please click on the pictures below.


In Science this term we will be studying rocks. Children are always fascinated by rocks & they will learn how to describe rocks & compare their properties after tackling exciting activities. Children will hear how fossils are formed in sedimentary rocks and discover soil facts & consider different soil types.


This term we will be learning about the Romans. As part of this topic we will learn about who lived in Britain before the Romans invaded, who Boudicca was and why the Romans had such a good army.  We will also study what life was like for Roman Soldiers and the different pieces of equipment the Romans used in their everyday lives. The Dig it up game is great for finding clues about Roman life and working out how life was different then compared to now.

Click on the picture to have a go at digging up the past.

Click on the picture below to explore another website that will help you learn more about our topic.

Another great website to help you learn more about our topic is the Woodlands Junior School site.

Click here if you would like to explore it.

Carleon Trip

On Thursday 20th October the children will get the chance to see what life was like in Roman times on our trip to Caerleon. We will walk around the ruins of an amphitheatre, baths and barracks, visit the museum and take part in an exciting workshop. It should be lots of fun and a great way to consolidate what they have been learning throughout the term.


In RE the children will be learning about the religion of Hinduism, looking at the festival of Divalli and linking our learning about the faith of a Hindu to Christianity, to ask questions such as does participating in worship help people feel closer to their God and their faith community?  Nearer the end of the Autumn term we will turn our attention to Christmas and how Christians celebrate this time of year.


The children will be continually incorporating ICT into their learning, however we will also have stand alone ICT lessons, where we will use iPads, power point and the internet as a research tool. Children will be using Word and Powerpoint with more confidence, exploring how to import and manipulate pictures and text.


PE will be taught by our sports coach Mr Fisher and has a ball-skills focus for Autumn, looking at spacial awareness, ball familiarisation, travelling with a ball, sending, receiving, throwing and catching skills with a focus on football and rugby. As well as keeping possession and attacking skills, we will talk about how important regular exercise is for our health and wellbeing. The second half of the Autumn term will move inside and will be gymnastics based.


In music we are looking at making rhythmic patterns with instruments.


French will start with the basics of introducing ourselves, answering the register in French and talking about our families and where we live.

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