Scientists at work!

There are some interesting things in the role play corner at the moment – kinetic sand, green sparkly liquid, playdough that disappears when you touch it and a foamy dough with interesting coloured speckles. The children have been exploring different materials in science and topic work and in choosing time have been experiencing some very different materials in the ‘science lab’. What happens when they add the green liquid to the sand? Will the foamy dough or playdough go through the sieve? What happens when the liquid is added into the different colour test-tubes? There have been real science goggles, gloves, dishes and test tubes too, to do some experiments safely with!2016-11-30 13.25.04  2016-11-30 13.25.11  2016-11-30 13.25.18 2016-11-30 13.24.54

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