Planet Earth

Continuing on with our space travels our next stop is planet Earth. We have been listening to the story of creation and have been making lists about what God made. We are building a good knowledge of this story and have been learning more about the Earths amazing habitats. We worked together to make this amazing small world scene and correctly sorted all our animals into the correct habitats.


IMG_5756 IMG_5759

We have explored how the Earth orbits the sun using cake tins a marble and some orange play dough. We loved this activity.

IMG_5761 IMG_5764

We have created our very own world by using pipettes, cotton wool pads and coloured water. We love developing our fine motor skills.

IMG_5765 IMG_5766

We have also explored that the Earth helps us to grow food. We found lots of potatoes in our messy tray. Some had numbers on so we could order them!



As part of our Earth focus we will be learning about ways to keep our planet clean and safe. Our task outside was to sort rubbish so it can be recycled. We also were able to use the litter pickers and pick up litter to help look after our planet the adults made sure were wore gloves and we spoke about health and safety when doing this.


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