This term in RE, we are learning to understand how celebrating Passover and keeping Kashrut (food laws) helps Jews show God they value their special relationship with him. To help the children understand these laws, we held a Passover meal in the classroom. First, the children learnt why each food is eaten. Next we followed a script which allowed us to hear the story of the Passover while we ate the different foods. The children enjoyed hearing about the ten plagues and some of the food. Each food represents a different part of the Passover story: 

  • Beitzah – hardboiled egg symbolises the festival offerings brought to the Holy Temple.
  • Zeroa – shank bone symbolises the lamb sacrificed at the Holy Temple in ancient times.
  • Charoset – mix of apple, nuts, spices and wine symbolises bricks and mortar to show the hard work of a slave (we ate a child friendly, nut free version)
  • Chazeret – bitter vegetable (celery or lettuce) symbolises the bitterness of slavery in Egypt.
  • Karpas – vegetable such as parsley, onion or potato is dipped in salt water and symbolises tears.


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