Pancake day!

Today we have taken part in lots of pancake play and learning.
Miss Evett put whisks for us in the water tray to practice our mixing skills and develop our gross motor skills, we loved seeing what happened to the water and bubbles as we mixed.
We have had a pancake playdough area where we could pretend to make pancakes and serve them to our friends. We have had a pancake maths activity where we needed count the dots and flip the pancake to see the corresponding numeral. We were also challenged to order the pancakes by numeral.
We had a writing area where we could make a list of the ingredients needed to make a pancake or to extend our sentence writing to write sentences about how we make a pancake.
We also practiced our scissor skills at a cutting and sticking task where we needed to order the pictures of how to make a pancake.
Miss Evett also showed us how Pancake Day/Strove Tuesday is celebrated all over the world.
We have also been perfect pancake chefs and worked in the kitchen with Mrs Street to make our very own pancake. We needed to weigh the ingredients, follow the instructions and use good physical skills to mix, pour and flip our pancake!

Wow what a busy day

.IMG_5503 IMG_5536 IMG_5543 IMG_5553IMG_5551  IMG_5563 IMG_5573



We have also been retelling the story of the ‘Runaway pancake’.

image1 (11)

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