Our trip to the @Bristol science museum

This week we have been on an exciting trip to @Bristol.

We loved playing with all the interactive exhibits.

As our topic this half term is ‘Space’ we even got the chance to visit the planetarium.

During the planetarium show we learnt about star constellations we landed on the moon and using our space hammers discovered it is made from rock…not cheese!
We also visited Neptune and learnt it is a gas planet which is the furthest away from the sun! We then stopped off at Saturn and learnt that the rings are made of rocks, ice and dust.
We were so fantastic at being space explorers our guide took us even further to outside our galaxy so we could look at our Milky way! We couldn’t believe our planet Earth was in there! All the children were so engaged and loved the experience!
We were so proud of all of them, they behaved really well.

 image7 image8 image6 image9 (2) image5 (1) image1 (7) image3 image4


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