homework due Monday 6th March 2017

homework due 6.3.17


As teachers, we have two very important jobs to do: 1) help educate your children, 2) help care for them.

We are aware that children need time to relax and unwind from school and that, with SATs getting nearer, they may begin to feel the pressure.

Whilst SATs are important, they are not the most important thing and so to help the children stay calm and develop as happy people with their own interests we plan to alternate homework between more traditional, academic (literacy, numeracy etc) style work and something completely different which will be more fun and creative.

We hope you agree that this is a good idea and would welcome your feedback and contributions to what might be exciting and interesting things children could have a go at.  Ideas could be anything but would need to be things all children could realistically have a go at such as baking a cake, taking a walk in the country, drawing a picture.


We look forward to hearing your thoughts,


Mr Ballard and the year 6 team.

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