Topic Title Year 5

Stone Age to Iron Age

English Instructions

Narrative- Stig of the Dump

Novels by significant authors

Stories raising dilemmas


Classic Poetry

Science Forces

Space part 1

Art & Design Sketching and pencil use

Art 2 1.1 and 1.2

Computing Responsible use of internet/research


History Stone Age to Iron Age
Music Composition focusing on rhythmic patterns.

Development of voice and singing techniques.

PE Football


Languages French – ma familie and other animals
Trips Avebury; West Kennet Long Barrow; Cheddar;
RE Hinduism
PSHE Mindfullness



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Walnut Class – Autumn Term 2017

Class Teacher- Miss Fitchew

Class TA’s- Mrs Murdoch and Ms Blick.

Our overall topic for this term has been to look at the Stone Age right the way through to the Iron Age so we have been combining this alongside our other subjects.



The children developed their debating skills earlier on this term by arguing whether or not they wanted to live in the Stone Age or the Iron Age. They got to choose either one and then work in groups to come up with a persuasive argument. All of them got very involved and were very enthusiastic! The children got to vote for which groups they thought were the most persuasive. The Stone Age won overall!



We have covered a vast amount of topics in our first term in Year 5. We started with place value-the children had to order, compare and write numbers. They had to develop their rounding skills and also have worked a lot with negative numbers. We then went on to multiplication and subtraction which the children were absolutely fantastic at. Currently we are looking at line graphs and timetables.



We have been focussing on the Stone Age over the last half term in Art. The children started by creating their own Stone-Age home and they then moved on to designing their very own outfit dependent on what they would have liked to wear. Most recently, the children had the opportunity to make their own Stone-Age necklaces out of clay. They moulded the clay into tooth like shapes and attached them to a piece of string. The following week the children got to paint them white to make them look more life-like!


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