English Instructions




Theseus and Minotaur

Stories by Significant Authors

Autumn and Fireworks Poem


Classic Poems

Science Rocks and soils


Art & Design Roman styles of architecture in buildings, observe and sketch.


Use of sketch book.

Computing How to navigate key board and route to internet.

How to use key words in search engine.

Identify pertinent information.

Save and retrieve documents.

Design & Technology Homework- museum challenge.

Make chariots. And shields and spears.

Geography Identify major countries in Europe including Italy and Rome.

Use of an atlas.


What is under our feet?

History Chronology- including use of BCE and AD.

Life before the Romans, why they invaded, Boudicca, what the Romans brought to Britain and their legacy.

Music Mrs Hammond- music express year 3.
PE Mr Fisher- year 3
Languages French- introductions and numbers.
Trips Caerleon and pantomime.
RE Hinduism, Divali- Sense of belonging and the festival of light.
PSHE Reinforcement of praise values and ire learning behaviours, class charter reinforcement.
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