This half term our topic will be amazing me.  We are going to be discovering just how amazing we truly are, looking at similarities and differences between children living in the past and present.  The children will have the opportunity to lead their learning through questioning and investigation.


This term in Literacy we will begin by looking at the story of ‘Funnybones’, learning to tell the story with actions before writing and retelling our own versions. We will also have the opportunity to look at non-fiction texts and discover how they differ from fiction.


Within our writing we will be developing our use of phonics by segmenting and blending the sounds in words.  We will continue to work on correct punctuation within writing, beginning with a capital letter and ending with a full stop. Lots of children are now attempting to write in cursive script and we will continue to support and encourage them with this development.

Spelling is a very important part of our curriculum and we encourage all the children to use our word mats to learn their 45 common exception words. If you could practise these at home it would be a really big help. We will also be continuing to work hard on our reading skills, encouraging all children to have a go at reading short texts at an age related level.

Please click below for a phonics game to help with reading.



Please click here to create a character and tell your own story.


In Numeracy this half term we will be covering place value- looking at the value of each digit in a 2 digit number. We will also be learning how to multiply and divide numbers. Our target lessons will continue and the children will practise their key skills for calculation.

The children will also be challenged to solve lots of mathematical problems, learning which strategies they need to use to solve them.

Please click here to take you to a website to help you with your numeracy.



This half term will focus on the Christian story of creation.

To watch the story please click here.



Our Topic work will take place in the afternoons and will have a focus on history and changes within living memory.  There will also be the opportunity for children to develop scientific enquiry when investigating what their bodies can do.

Please click here to take you to the bbc website.



It is really important for you to hear your children read at least three times a week. This will help them progress and gain confidence in their reading skills.

For every child that reads three times or more in a week they will receive a praise point.  It is therefore essential that you sign their reading diary.

Please click here for some E-books to read.



Homework will be sent home on a Friday and needs to be returned by the following Thursday. Please can the children complete the work in pencil not pen.  Homework helps us to see what your child knows so please can you give them a little support to help them complete it.



Please can you make sure your child has a water bottle as they can get very thirsty during the day. This needs to be filled with water only not squash.

Also please can you ensure all uniform is named. The children often take off their jumpers and leave them in a pile unfortunately they cannot find their own if it is not named.  I am afraid we cannot be held accountable for all children’s jumpers.

Finally, P.E. will be on a Tuesday.  Please can you make sure your child has a PE kit in school on the correct day.  This should also be clearly labelled.

Thank you for your support.

 Mrs Legg

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