Our trip to the @Bristol science museum

This week we have been on an exciting trip to @Bristol.

We loved playing with all the interactive exhibits.

As our topic this half term is ‘Space’ we even got the chance to visit the planetarium.

During the planetarium show we learnt about star constellations we landed on the moon and using our space hammers discovered it is made from rock…not cheese!
We also visited Neptune and learnt it is a gas planet which is the furthest away from the sun! We then stopped off at Saturn and learnt that the rings are made of rocks, ice and dust.
We were so fantastic at being space explorers our guide took us even further to outside our galaxy so we could look at our Milky way! We couldn’t believe our planet Earth was in there! All the children were so engaged and loved the experience!
We were so proud of all of them, they behaved really well.

 image7 image8 image6 image9 (2) image5 (1) image1 (7) image3 image4


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Art Week

During our first week the whole school has enjoyed art week, our theme was winter light.

Here are some examples of just some of the wonderful work we have produced in Reception.


image1 (6)image2 (2)image8 (1)image9image4 (2)

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Christmas Play

Today the children performed their Christmas play for all of their parents.

All the children did really well with their speaking parts and singing.

The costumes were fabulous!


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We have had a visit from Zoolab. We saw a millipede, a mouse, a giant snail and a tarantula called Tallulah!

We really enjoyed it and found out lots about the animals, we even got to hold some of them.


DSCN6544DSCN6499DSCN6505DSCN6511 DSCN6512 DSCN6526 DSCN6535 DSCN6540DSCN6496DSCN6509

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This week we have learnt all about Divali.

We read the story of Rama and Sita, made Diva lamps and created some beautiful Rangoli patterns outside in our outdoor area.



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Birch Parents – Please see their Tapestry Account for information about the term.

Welcome to Churchfield School!

In the Foundation Stage our aim is to provide the very best start for your child by developing all the skills they need to become independent learners.

We feel learning through play is important. We focus on all the areas of learning and development within the Early Years Foundation Stage which are Personal, Social and Emotional Development (PSED), Physical Development (PD) and Communication and Language (CL).Literacy Development (LD), Maths (MD), Knowledge and Understanding (UW) and Expressive Arts and Design (EAD).

At Churchfield we encourage children to become independent and curious learners and our environment is structured to reflect children’s interests. We have access to a fantastic outdoor area. Within each classroom the children have access to areas such as Role Play, Writing, Reading, Sand, Creative, Construction, Numeracy and Snack. In each area there are activities for the children to complete in order to consolidate and extend prior learning.


We will be spending the first few weeks getting to know the children. We will be making observations of the children during their play on Tapestry.


If you are a parent or friend of the school and would like to support the children we are always looking for volunteers, we especially like help with hearing children read, art, visits and topic work. If you are interested please speak to your class teacher.


Our Literacy this half term will be focusing a number of aspects. We are expecting the children to be able to recognise their name and then to be able to write their name. We will be learning all the sounds, each sound has an action to go with it to help the children to remember the sound. We will look at letter formation when we are learning the sounds and we will introduce the cursive handwriting style.

Here are some websites which will support your child’s learning.


In numeracy this half term we will be looking at number. This includes counting, recognising numerals and being able to count the correct amount of objects.

Here are some websites which will support your child’s learning.

At Home

We will soon be sending home reading books and word bags with your child, it really helps their progress if they read as often as possible. When we start learning the sounds, we will let you know which sound we are learning and the action to go with it so you can practise at home with your child.


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