Roasting marshmallows

After exploring the environment we took part in our forest school task. We listened carefully to safety advice as Miss Evett and Mrs Mickleright made a small fire. We then took turns roasting our marshmallows over the fire being very careful. We loved doing this today and behaved perfectly around the fire. Well done.


IMG_5786  IMG_5790 IMG_5795 IMG_5793 IMG_5796IMG_5789

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Planet Earth

Continuing on with our space travels our next stop is planet Earth. We have been listening to the story of creation and have been making lists about what God made. We are building a good knowledge of this story and have been learning more about the Earths amazing habitats. We worked together to make this amazing small world scene and correctly sorted all our animals into the correct habitats.


IMG_5756 IMG_5759

We have explored how the Earth orbits the sun using cake tins a marble and some orange play dough. We loved this activity.

IMG_5761 IMG_5764

We have created our very own world by using pipettes, cotton wool pads and coloured water. We love developing our fine motor skills.

IMG_5765 IMG_5766

We have also explored that the Earth helps us to grow food. We found lots of potatoes in our messy tray. Some had numbers on so we could order them!



As part of our Earth focus we will be learning about ways to keep our planet clean and safe. Our task outside was to sort rubbish so it can be recycled. We also were able to use the litter pickers and pick up litter to help look after our planet the adults made sure were wore gloves and we spoke about health and safety when doing this.


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Today we had two lambs come and visit us in our classroom. They don’t have names but they were both boys so we had lots of ideas of what we could name them. They are only a few days old so we sat very quietly and still so we did not scare them. We listened carefully when Miss Evett told us we needed to be gentle and if we wanted to hold or stroke the lambs we needed to wash our hands using soap after. We really enjoyed having the lambs in this morning……we found it very funny when they had a little ‘accident’ too!


IMG_5626 IMG_5628 IMG_5631 IMG_5637 IMG_5647 IMG_5648 IMG_5658 IMG_5651 IMG_5659

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Pancake day!

Today we have taken part in lots of pancake play and learning.
Miss Evett put whisks for us in the water tray to practice our mixing skills and develop our gross motor skills, we loved seeing what happened to the water and bubbles as we mixed.
We have had a pancake playdough area where we could pretend to make pancakes and serve them to our friends. We have had a pancake maths activity where we needed count the dots and flip the pancake to see the corresponding numeral. We were also challenged to order the pancakes by numeral.
We had a writing area where we could make a list of the ingredients needed to make a pancake or to extend our sentence writing to write sentences about how we make a pancake.
We also practiced our scissor skills at a cutting and sticking task where we needed to order the pictures of how to make a pancake.
Miss Evett also showed us how Pancake Day/Strove Tuesday is celebrated all over the world.
We have also been perfect pancake chefs and worked in the kitchen with Mrs Street to make our very own pancake. We needed to weigh the ingredients, follow the instructions and use good physical skills to mix, pour and flip our pancake!

Wow what a busy day

.IMG_5503 IMG_5536 IMG_5543 IMG_5553IMG_5551  IMG_5563 IMG_5573



We have also been retelling the story of the ‘Runaway pancake’.

image1 (11)

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Pancake – shopping

Today we walked to Asda with Mrs Street in small groups to buy the ingredients to make pancakes. Miss Evett gave me a shopping list so we could practice our reading skills and remember what we needed to buy she also gave us some money so we could buy the ingredients. This experience also helped me with my money skills for maths. We can not wait to make pancakes tomorrow.


IMG_4055 IMG_4048 IMG_4035 IMG_4043IMG_4029  IMG_4030 IMG_4027 IMG_4015



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We have started to learn about Money in Ash class. We play money games on the computer, explore coins in sensory tasks such as our slime tray or in the water tray with magnets and play shops with our friends. Here are just some photos of our independent learning tasks linked to money.

image3 (7)  image4 (6)  image2 (7)image1 (9)image5 (6)


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Reading den

We built a reading den in our classroom. I shared books with my friends and used torches to help me read the books. It was very popular!

image1 (7) image2 (6) image3 (6)image4 (5) image6 (5) image5 (5)

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Forest school

Every Thursday afternoon we enjoy learning in the outdoors.

One afternoon it was particularly windy so we changed our original plans and made kites using plastic bags and string. We loved seeing (and feeling) the force of the wind and it gave us good opportunities to develop our knot tying skills!

Displaying image2.JPG

Displaying image1.JPG

Displaying image3.JPG

Displaying image4.JPG

Please make sure your child has a coat and wellies in school every Thursday – if you can provide waterproof trousers this will help protect their school uniform.

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Library visit

For our green time treat we asked if we could go to the local library. We listened to stories and explored the huge range of books. Everyone found something to share with their friends. We are all very excited about joining the library so we can borrow books. 

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